Little by little, day after day, what is done for the decoration of the house will find its way into the universe of Achoka.

Always more creativity…

The HOME collection by Achoka emphasizes modernity, timelessness and color. The quality of textile printing has always been at the heart of our concerns.

Achoka has developed in recent years, outdoor rugs, to arrange a terrace in the colors of summer in the styles BOBO Chic and trendy, plant, Nordic bohemian, Classic and geometric pattern. There is no limit to creativity! All themes can be infinitely declined on rugs, doormats, animal rugs and cushions, king bag cushions, bath or kitchen rugs.

Achoka also advises its customers in their developments, both in terms of the materials to be used and in terms of colors, for products such as indoor and outdoor rugs, cushions, king bags, doormats, etc. We are happy to develop real partnership with our customers. Our experience at the service of their developments, everyone is a winner!